But gradually

But gradually But thanks to whom it was possible?

Who paid for lessons?

Fine, we will allow.

But from where to you was to know, well or badly I play the piano?

The last time you were at my concert when I was ten years old!

After similar flashes John quite often got up and left the room.

But gradually and it, and feelings of the daughter started understanding Mary.

They realized that a thing which they bought, and that they for it did, could not replace in any way love and personal attention which Ann really needed and without which felt the emotionally devastated.

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Whether It occurs because the amount of milk which he drinks for once, much more exceeds the sizes of his stomach.

Whether enough he eats and whether well puts on weight The child usually himself knows, how many for him it is necessary food.

If it does not have milk or if mother had less milk because of fatigue or nervousness, the child will wake up all each time earlier and to cry hungry crying which is already familiar to you.

He will drink milk to a last straw and to look for a mouth also will try to suck the cam.

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When I met it next

When I met it next Then I told the girl: The Klaudia, you see that this person tried to operate me, to make so that sense of guilt before it forced me to sell the house to it.

Claudia's face brightened up.

She understood why had so not enough power over own life.

When I met it next time, from her depression did not remain also a trace, her eyes sparkled.

She learned to operate the behavior and the thoughts not to be a toy in any hands.

And parents too should be careful not to start operating the teenagers in this way.

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Not much

Not much Very often adhere to a similar method of education in Christian families, and no wonder that then children from these families reject Christ.

Not much more the best results are yielded by education at which parents neglect the duties, and the education method following on quality a method of providing full freedom, or permissiveness.

Whether strike these results?

The permissiveness method against which Christian parents are incited, nevertheless is better than the authoritative method which strongly located in the majority of Christian families.

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Emotional On this question there is no certain answer.

Advantages of breast milk its sterility, good comprehensibility are very important for the child in the beginning.

But we cannot tell that at some age it suddenly loses the value for the child.

Emotional advantages of breastfeeding also cannot disappear during any certain period.

You can wean the child even in months as to this age its digestive system will relatively be installed.

He will not be tormented any more so strongly by gases.

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